Jake Ferguson

jake! I've been fortunate to work on a wide range of problems in ecology . What I love most about my job are the opportunities to learn about ecological systems across the world. I've gotten the chance to word on extremely diverse systems, from bull trout in western Montana to tropical forests in Thailand.

My most basic research interest is understanding how biological systems respond to fluctuations in their environment and I combine empirical data with models to understand these interactions. I get especially excited about problems that use quantitative methods as a lens to learn new things that cannot be directly observed. Much of my work focuses on the degree to which animal populations are a reflection of the environment they exist in, this includes understanding how temporal fluctuations in populations are driven by factors such as weather and predators. Effective predictions of how animal populations respond to environmental changes are crucial for the future of conservation and management; however ecological interactions are notoriously difficult to measure directly. Modeling can allow ecologists to explore these interactions even when limited by empirical data.